Step 2: Believe

My parents told me I was beautiful…BUT…Do I believe that I am beautiful?

My teacher told me that I have potential to be great… BUT…Do I believe in my potential?

My friend told me that I was awesome…BUT…Do I believe that I am awesome?

My coworker told me that I am reliable… BUT…Do I believe that I am reliable?

My spouse told me that I am their soulmate…BUT…Do I believe that we are soulmates?

We hear and learn many things daily. However, that which we hear and learn…Do we believe it?

If you read my last post and began thinking on purpose, you may have agreed/acknowledged that purpose exists. However… Do you believe that YOUR life is filled with purpose?

Step 2: Believe that your life if filled with purpose.

Confused Polisher: Well, I don’t know what my purpose is. What is there to believe in?

Answer: Believe in the truth of purpose. Believe that your existence and daily journey is not accidental. Believe that even you have a purpose. Not just the ones that seem to have it all figured out. Believe in the fact that you are here for the greater good. One that yourself and others can benefit from. Believe that your belief will aid in the discovery of your purpose.