January’s Goodread

Hi! We have missed a couple months of Goodreads. I do apologize. Even this month, we are halfway through. Can you believe it?! So, I was trying to think of something short and sweet that we can read for the January’s Goodread. I said to myself…”Self, the Polisher’s Creed would be a great Goodread” So, hence the recommended January’s Goodread:

“The Polisher’s Creed” by Crystal Ingram

daily devotion


I challenge us to say this confession to ourselves for the remaining days of January.

RECITE IT! That means saying it out loud. Say it with meaning.

I wrote this as the foundation of Unpolished Silver Spoon.

“I was born with a silver spoon”

I envision a movement of people from all walks a life building themselves up from wherever they may be, to that in which they were destined to be.

“I have wealth! I have power! I am entitled to all that is beautiful!”

In order to do so, we must


If you don’t believe you are worth it. If you don’t believe your deserve greater. There is no way you will get it. And, let the truth be told, there is no right to have the expectation from others, if you don’t have it for yourself.

Also, on that same note… We should NEVER let anyone make us feel inferior or unworthy for greatness and success.

“This is my birthright. I shine with purpose!”

God created man in His image. Yet, we are all unique and have our own talents and gifts. Those talents and gifts can be and should be used for the betterment of His kingdom; thusly making this world a far better place.

Moreover, it is not mine alone. I gift and am given.

We are all put on this earth with a purpose and for a purpose. That purpose is greater than self. However, it starts with self.

So, I claim my inheritance beyond my circumstances. I manifest it through my mind and spirit.

Let’s meet this challenge for the remaining of January. Then carryout our belief of purpose and greatness in the days to come.


This is I declare today and forevermore! AMEN.