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Wow! It is October already! Can you believe it? We have entered the last quarter of 2018. We are beginning to see the changes of the new autumn season. Soon we will be making New Year’s resolutions and setting goals for the upcoming year. I view this time of year much like the chrysalis (pupa) stage of a butterfly’s life cycle. The chrysalis stage of a butterfly is the transition stage. When the caterpillar becomes a pupa, it encloses itself into a cocoon of silk. It is inside that cocoon that many changes takes place. The butterfly is developing; therefore, it is not only an external transformation, it is internal as well. It may not look like anything is happening inside of that cocoon, but if those walls could talk! There are new organs and parts being developed in order for the new creature to soon be revealed.

Unpolished Silver Spoon is about improving one’s mindset in order to create positive behaviors; thusly achieving positive results. So, if we work on how we think, and on controlling our thoughts, we can create an inward phenomenon that will break free into a thing of external beauty. (AMEN SOMEBODY!)

Let me give you a tongue twister affirmation for October:

I’m being a pupil in my pupa in order to prosper in my performance!

(Say that 3xs fast EVERYDAY– you’ll either grow through your development, or spit on everything in front of you, maybe BOTH!) 🙂

So, what is October’s Goodread?

As A Man Thinketh by James Allen

Another oldie goldie! I chose this book because it is not lengthy.  It is even shorter than our September’s Goodread. So, please read and take advantage of the short and sweet Goodreads. There are some not so short ones to come. 😉 You can actually read this in one sitting. However, I advise against it. The information in the pages is much to digest.  Although it is a lot to digest, it is an easy read. I like this author because he wrote much like I am trying to learn to write and convey – simple and plain. Nothing fancy or intricate.

So, what is As A Man Thinketh about?

Well, as the title suggest, it is all about the power of thought. The title is actually a reference to Proverbs 23:7, “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…”

as a man thinketh poem

So, what can you find in the chapters?

Even though this is a short goodread, it is truly a good read. I have this book highlighted so much that I almost need to put on my shades in order to read it!

James Allen, in As A Man Thinketh, talks about how the power of thought can impact: character, circumstances, health on the body, purpose, achievement, vision and ideals, and serenity.

A few excerpts that I like:

thought on health                  thought on purpose

thoughts on helping

quote by james allen                     thought on tranquility

thought on circumstances

power of thought when it comes to improving


I think that gives a good overview of what great information you will receive from reading  As A Man Thinketh.  There is so much more!

You can obtain a copy of this book from your local bookstore. However, if you are okay with reading from your mobile device, you can download from a site, or Google Play for FREE.

Read this Goodread and Polish Your Thoughts! Please and Thank You!

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