If I Could I Would

Do we sometimes say to ourselves:

If I could _________________ I would ________________.

Well, these are some of the answers I received from a random selection of people.

…win the lottery…..not have any more worries.

…turn back the hands of time… do things differently.

…go back to school… work in law enforcement.

…be financial stable… do anything.

Although these responses are different, they all have something in common. Each person wants more for themselves.

So the next question is:


Many times we have the desire, but fail to plan. Failure to plan causes us to believe that our deepest desires are impossible. Maybe we had a plan, but somehow it didn’t work. Even so, we mustn’t give up.

As I look at the list of responses (even some not in this post), they all center around: time, money, and/or effort.

Some of us may be short on time and money; however, we can determine the amount of effort. A resolution for time and money can be proper planning.

7 P's quote

Let’s look at it in the business sense. Your life is your business!

A business plan is created by most business owners in order to forecast the feasibility of their business idea. It also helps with managing the tasks of the business; thus making the business run more efficiently. Some financial institutions won’t consider granting a loan to a business without a business plan. They wish to know that the business owner knows and understands the actions and risks that are involved.

Also, in developing a business plan, the business owner can tackle some foreseen issues before they even occur. Therefore, less stress on the owner.quote






So, I challenge each of you that have a “If I Could I Would” to take a moment and plan. This includes me also! Write down what it will take for your desire to happen. Develop a process. Next, follow the plan.

If there are any issues that prevents you from planning, share it (message author or comment below) and we will discuss it. Doing so will even help others here in the Polisher’s Community.

Disclaimer: Everything isn’t going to go according to plan; however, you will be more equipped to handle what deterrents come your way.

P.S. As long as you are living…IT’S NEVER TOO LATE!


What is  your “If I Could I Would?”