How Do I Walk In My Purpose?

shadow image of body and spirit

It’s time to take a summer vacation! But wait…how do we get there?

Let’s pull out the map to chart our course. Better yet, call Uncle Rogers. He drives everywhere. I bet he will know the best way to get there.

So roadtrip day is finally here and we are off! But wait…we’re lost!

I knew Uncle Rogers didn’t know what he was talking about. He thinks he knows everything! I followed exactly what he said and now we’re in the middle of nowhere. We’re going to pullover and ask someone. They’re from here, so they should know.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Similar words from you or your parents? Those were the days, right? Today, we only need to type in our destination and a gentle sounding lady will guide us safely there. We’re even notified of traffic delays and the police!

However, this gentle sounding lady won’t say a word to you when you are out of range. Have you ever vacationed in the mountains. Your entire navigation screen goes blank! That’s why many nature lovers use a compass.

Speaking of compass, remember the last thing we said in Do I Have a Purpose In Life?

Q: How do I get on the path of my purpose?

A: Your compass will take you there.

When you are in the wilderness of life and trying to find your way, your compass will keep you moving in the right direction.

In our previous post, we discussed what purpose is and tackled the harsh realities of why we sometimes don’t accept our purpose. Now that we have removed these obstacles, we can begin to walk in our purpose.

Will we have all that we need in the very beginning?

Will we know exactly the turn by turn directions for the journey?

Will we have a smooth ride and no delays?

The answer is: NO, NO, and NO.

Don’t fret. Purpose is still awesome! 🙂

So, this is where our compass comes into play.

I know! You’re thinking…This person is crazy! How can an instrument guide me through my purpose?

vintage map and compass

Let’s first look at how a compass works.

A compass is used to show north. If you know North, then you will automatically know South, East, and West. Inside the compass there’s a small magnetic pin, the pointer. It spins freely to indicate north by responding to the Earth’s magnetic force.

An interesting fact: There are two(2) norths.

Yes! You learn something new everyday right?!

  1. magnetic north ⇒ location where the compass points
    • This point isn’t stationary. It changes as the Earth’s magnetic field changes.
  2. “true north” ⇒ the north according to the Earth’s axis

The range of difference between these two norths is called declination.

(LiveScience is the contributor of my science genius)

Now let’s relate:

You are the Pointer.
Magnetic Force: Environment, Family, Friends, Etc.

As I stated in Do I Have a Purpose in Life, living a life of meaningful purpose is awesome. You’ll feel fulfilled and see the positive impacts it has on others. This is the magnetic force which is pushing you toward your North.

On the other hand, have you ever noticed when you were doing as the “Jones” you had supporters and ‘friends’? Then as soon as you try to do what is right, things change. It seems like that entourage disappears. It even seems like that’s when your problems really begin! You’ll find yourself saying, “Now I wouldn’t have to worry about this , if I was still doing that!”

You know what is so amazing about how this relates to magnetic force? Opposites attract! So, what isn’t really you, seems to be more attractive, easier, and appealing. It is in these times that we find ourselves in so many other directions instead of north. We allow what others are saying and doing to dictate the direction in which we follow.
Magnetic North: Mind

I would say that Unpolished Silver Spoon is approximately 95% dealing with the thought and ways of the mind. The mind is a powerful thing!

For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he… –Proverbs 23:7

Has anyone ever tried to tell you something that was different from what you thought? Whether you were truly right or wrong, in your mind, you were right. There wasn’t anything that could be said or done to change your mind whatsoever. However, despite the degree of difficulty, a mind can change. As your environment changes, and with more information that you gather, your mind can shift. So, whatever your mind believes is your magnetic north.
True North: Spirit

Sit still in a quiet room. Close your eyes. Clear your mind of worries or the things you must do. You’re not talking, and there’s no one physically there to speak to you. Yet, you hear an answer. You are given revelation. This is your True North. This is who you truly are and where you should be. This isn’t changed by environment, friends, family, etc.

So, to follow along the path of your purpose — follow your mind and spirit. The most important part that we sometimes don’t recognize is the declination (range between magnetic north (mind) and true north(spirit)). We must set our minds to be in alignment with our spirit. Doing so tackles much of the battles we face. Also, place yourself within the right magnetic force to ensure you are continuing in the right direction.

I know, I know. You were looking for a turn by turn guide on following your purpose.


Thank you Lord for gifting me with courage and understanding. Hallelujah Father for your power which is in me that broke the chains! I am now walking in my purpose. Right now, I pray for a union of mind and spirit. As I surround myself with the right magnetic force, I know your hedge will also be around me. I am what you made me to be, and that is good. Thank you! In Jesus Name. Amen!