Do I Have a Purpose In Life?

Can you recall a time when you took a moment to reflect over your life? Maybe you are going through that now. There have been several times that I have pondered over my past and wondered about my future. Most times it was when I wasn’t too content with my position in life. I knew there should be more and greater for me. So questions came up.

Why am I here?

Is there more to my life than what I am doing right now?

I want to be happy. How can I be happy?

Thus came the ultimate question.


Quick Answer: Yes!!!

Explained Answer:

In order to discuss purpose, we must first understand what purpose is.

Purpose is defined as the reason for which something is done or created or something exists.Therefore purpose is the driving force of our existence.

Meaning is not purpose. But there is meaning in your purpose?


What gives us meaning is based upon our perspective of life. Our experiences and influencers can determine what we feel is meaningful. For example, by experiencing the terrible act of domestic violence, one may feel meaning when given an opportunity to help another through similar circumstances. However, it may not be their purpose in life to continue down that path.

Another way of looking at it is that meaning is formed from outisde-in. Purpose is inside-out. Purpose is developed from within. Words that come to mind when I think of purpose are: commitment, obligation, spiritual, fulfillment, passion, serving.

Meaning explains WHAT. Purpose explains the WHY.

Let’s even take a look at a Japanese concept about purpose.


iki=life, alive  gia=reason for

Lucy Dayman gives a good understanding of ikigia in Ikigai: The Japanese Concept of Finding Purpose. There are four main aspects of purpose:

venn diagram
courtesy of CEO Magazine

1. What are you good at

2. What you love

3. What the world needs

4. What you get paid for

The overlapping of these four qualities will give you ikigai, the purpose of life.

If you notice, even with the Japanese concept, comprises what is in you with the outward influences to derive to your purpose.

So, now that we understand purpose better, hopefully ;), can we jump back to the top of the page.



But you still ask yourself the same questions about being happy and wondering what more there is to life?

I understand.

I’ll tell you when I was faced with accepting my purpose. I was sitting and speaking with an older lady. I actually was in her home working. My job was to sell her a product. Despite my original reason for being there, we began talking about other things. With me believing this was great conversation and the lady seized an opportunity to share, I soon discovered that this moment was really for me. After speaking for hours, this lady told me that I was in the wrong field and that helping others through their situations was my gift. My eyes filled. I was shocked! Not by what she said….at me about to cry in front of this lady! lol! But I knew why I had such a reaction. I knew it to be true. This wasn’t the first time someone had mentioned this to me. But, it was the first time I acknowledged within myself the fear and denial of that truth. I always said…”I don’t have time for other people problems, I have enough of my own.”

Some understand and accept there purpose early in life. Others it may take some time. Nevertheless, purpose doesn’t go away. We either accept it or keep running from it.  Like myself, it still took me a couple years even after that encounter to begin in my purpose!

Living a life of meaningful purpose is AWESOME!

But why is it hard sometimes to accept our purpose?

Reasons for Not Understanding Your Purpose:

  • Lack of Maturity

Many times we are not ready to fulfill our promise. Our purpose is right there waiting, and we lack the maturity to recognize it for what it is. We also can lack the ability to handle what comes with such a task.  Yes, a purpose is not a one and done thing. It is a  life’s journey of fulfillment and execution. When our minds aren’t prepared to handle the responsibilities of our purpose, then we can’t seem to get it together. We find ourselves bouncing around from one thing to the next.

To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.  –Henri Bergson

  • Denial

There are times when we do understand our purpose in life. WE JUST DON’T WANT TO DO IT! We refuse to accept the calling. This one I believe is the worst. Denial of one’s purpose is selfish. I say that because, the fulfilling of one’s purpose isn’t for the benefit of yourself. It is for others as well. I know you may not like this one. But I’ll tell you what I heard a preacher say once… If it hurts, just say ouch. Lol! Besides we’re here to polish in order to shine, not pretend. Right? right!

What you deny or ignore, you DELAY. What you accept and face you CONQUER!    –Robert Tew

  • Worldly

Awww yeah! This one is so popular. We are pressured in today’s time to live how other’s think we should live. If it’s not ‘trending’, it’s not cool or accepted. The only way to overcome the worldly syndrome is to live from the inside-out. We must build up our emotional self.


  • Fear

This one word is so destructive! This one word can lend itself to so many perpetrators. We can create an infinite number of reasons/excuses for not discovering our purpose, all because of fear.

Ex. It’s not because your family won’t support you…it’s because you are afraid to go against what you feel your family may think.

And the kicker in all of this is: much of what we are afraid of NEVER happens or exist in the first place. Some of us find that out once we actually overcome the fear and move into the path of our purpose.


  • Laziness

Denial is the worst, but Laziness is just plain sad. Sometimes, we just refuse to follow our purpose simply because it looks like too much work. We are willing to live a life WITHOUT purpose just because it’s easier. Or, we would like it if someone would do the work and we just pick it up after all the kinks are worked out. It’s like being the boss of your own company without even starting a company. It just doesn’t work like that!

The world is full of willing people; some willing to work, the rest willing to let them. –Robert Frost

As you know from my story,  I’m guilty of ALL the above. I’m still working on some of these still.

Fact about Purpose: It isn’t a destination, instead a journey. One that you walk out daily.

(Ask 1 of the 500 richest people in the world, like Oprah Winfrey!)

So, the key is identifying what is tarnishing our silver spoon and to polish it up.

But wait…. What’s next?

How do I get on the path of my purpose?

Well the answer to that is simple–Your Compass will Take You There!

Before reading on….

Comment down below your purpose in life.

Dear God thank you for Courage. Thank you for Understanding. I desire to walk in my purpose. Through courage and understanding I will!  And only with your guidance Jesus. I rebuke all that is in the way of accepting my purpose. Show me and walk with me through my journey so I may fulfill the purpose that you have for me. Not for myself Lord, but to be a blessing to others. Because I know that through my giving, I am given. Amen.